Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Statement Of Intent

Statement of Intent

SECTION ONE – Your Final Major Project

The title of my project is Urban Environments and for the project I intend to look at exploring several techniques and ranges of mediums and also create both 2D and 3D work that will communicate and show run down derelict areas and also create contemporary artwork that will relate to a large audience due to how more buildings are becoming derelict and businesses are having to sell premises because of the economic climate and the recession.
An example of this is HMV and how the Bolton and Manchester branches are now closing and what was once a universal shop, the public are now going to lose and so this is an example of an idea that I am going to create pieces for to make a large amount of viewers connect with my work.

SECTION TWO – Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas

My influences for the project are Street Art, as this is the most contemporary art form and to create stencils in the style of Banksy would very much emphasise the urban feel. Other street artists such as Slinkachu, Dave The Chimp, Shepard Fairey I will create outcomes for and also look at the work of various illustrators such as Dran and Herakut as their visual style relates and works well with the decay of the urban surroundings.
Derelict locations are places I intend to research and also photographers who have looked at this for their subject matter such as Rut Blees Luxemburg. Aspects of photography such as candied and posed portraits I am going to create and research for that part of the project will also be done.

SECTION THREE – Techniques, Processes and Timescale

The techniques/processes I will be creating are elements of printmaking, painting and drawing, 3D/2D,mixed media, image transfer, layered acetate samples.
Time Scale:
· WEEKS 1-3-Primary Research (photography and drawing using line, ink, pencil, charcoal.) Artist Research (Both Internet/On location) Produce a mind map and SOI.
· WEEKS 2-5-Samples: Stencil Printing, lino drawing, Photoshop, painting, mixed media, clay work, image transfer (Impasto,) thread drawing, layered acetate drawing.
· WEEKS 6-7-Develop the most effective ideas from weeks 2-5. Focus: Refining, explore composition, combine techniques, explore scale etc.
· WEEKS 7-9-Create and display final outcome(s) and evaluate.

SECTION FOUR – Method of Evaluation

When I review my work, written annotation will be done to discuss and review the strengths, weaknesses and improvements for each design I create. I will write up a final evaluation discussing my opinions on the way the project went as a whole. To further add to the evaluation stage, I will also create a questionnaire as a means of peer evaluation in order to get my peers perspectives on my artwork and ways in which they think I could improve my project work. For the project I am also going to create a blog and have a visual representation of the progression of my project and this as well will also be annotated showing the development.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Urban project and Street Art

For my FMP (Final Major Project) I am creating samples that reflect on street art and how this is the most contemporary art form at present and because I have a big interest in the movement. The project will look at all things urban and will deeply reflect on how society is affected by the recession and how the public are almost having to carry so many burdens as the government are cutting on finance.

Primary Photos-Candied/Posed Portraits

The following images are initial primary sources as starting points that look at candied and posed photography as I am going to look at portraits as part of the urban project and these were taken in a photography studio in comparison to the above means of photography in the urban environment which is something I am also going to look at. These pictures may be manipulated to create a visual response to street art and an urban feel but are mainly just shots that look at both regular and unusual portraiture.  

The following samples were taken to show the reflective quality from the studio umbrella and creates more of an emphasis on the portrait for the viewer, looking at the reflective qualities of materials and how this can help me create contemporary Street Art outcomes.

The images below are motion blurs images that were done to experiment further with means of image taking and the distortions of the self portraits look at creating a more eye catching, creative sense to portraits. 

The final selection were studies taken using a strong almost overwhelming light source when studied and the shadows created almost show to me how aspects of society are hidden in the shadows and the idea that people are resorting to hiding in the shadows because of the recession that the overwhelming light resembles.

Urban Photoshoot

Portraits in the urban environment and graffiti hunting!